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The brief for this project was to provide a contemporary family home with well proportioned living spaces for a growing family of five.


The rear alterations to this 1920's villa are unapologetically contemporary in form. Yet from the street, the villa form takes precedence. The journey, from arrival through to the rear of the house, carefully negotiates the transition from old to new.

The twin cedar boxes at the rear of the house are divided with an exterior light well; separating the interior living from the exterior covered deck. From inside, an expressed structural grid frames the expansive views of suburban Auckland and the surrounding volcanic cones.

Interior Design by Spatial Studio

Twin Frame House_Deck and Lounge_Dave Ol
Twin Frame House_Dining Sitting Room and
Twin Frame House_Entrance Exterior_Dave
Twin Frame House_Entrance Interior_Dave
Twin Frame House_Entrance Hall_Dave Olse
Twin Frame House_North Elevation_Dave Ol
Twin Frame House_Kitchen_Dave Olsen Phot
Twin Frame House_North Elevation Detail_
Twin Frame House_Lounge Twin View_Dave O
Twin Frame House_Deck and Dining_Dave Ol
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